Handheld grinders are one of the most useful pieces of equipment that you can have on-site. Versatile and easy to use, the concrete surface grinder will smooth surfaces and level a range of areas including floors, slabs and walls, stone, stairs and pillars. If you need to hire a handheld floor grinder for your commercial […]

Are you working on a renovation project? Do you need to prepare flooring? If the answer is yes then you could probably benefit from hiring professional machinery such as concrete grinders, polishers or industrial vacuums. There is only so much that you can do by hand so having the right equipment on-site will ensure that […]

The days of using a mop and bucket to clean the floor are far gone. A Numatic Scrubber Dryer is an effective piece of cleaning machinery which works as an effective cleaning solution for scrubbing rough surfaces until they are cleaned effectively. At Concept Flooring Technology, we provide effective floor cleaning equipment including scrubber dryer […]

Hiring industrial floor machinery is a cost-effective way of investing in high-quality and well-maintained machinery. Up-to-date flooring technology requires ongoing maintenance and servicing, and by hiring the machinery you need, this ongoing maintenance is going to be covered. This is one of the many things that makes hiring a popular choice for lots of businesses. […]

Dust, it’s something plenty of us are familiar with when it comes to having a good clean but perhaps not something you’d expect to be detrimental in the workplace. In bulk material handling, dust particles are often created in a wide range of sizes but smaller dust particles settle in the air or on surfaces […]

From floor strippers to scabblers, there is a whole host of commercial flooring equipment available for hire that will make your project easy to manage. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t take on the work yourself when the tools are readily available so if you’re ready to get your hands dirty, why not prepare and […]

If your current flooring has seen better days, it’s probably time to think about replacing it with something new. But, to get the job done to a high standard you need a good quality floor stripping machine that will cut through a range of floor coverings and prepare your floors for the next step. Here […]

If you plan on hiring floor machinery such as grinders or polishers then you should also think about using a dust control machine and other safety precautions. Being safe should always be a top priority so before you get to work always think about the associated risks to ensure that your project can go ahead […]

Are you looking to renovate your flooring but have a few concerns about what lies beneath? If you have worries about your flooring being uneven, a floor leveller is a great solution for this. Having a concrete floor professionally laid is achievable when the right equipment is used. That said, having concrete laid over a […]

A great surface requires the right surface preparation equipment. If you are planning to get rid of an old floor coating to create a smooth surface or even to prepare concrete flooring by removing stubborn tile or vinyl glue, a diamond floor grinder could be the ideal solution for you. These machines are extremely powerful […]