When working with equipment that creates a lot of dust, renting a dust extractor is essential for maintaining a safe and efficient worksite. Dust extractors are used to remove dust from worksites to ensure that the air is clean and breathable.

Here is why you should consider hiring a dust extractor for your worksite instead of buying it outright.

Benefits of Hiring a Small Dust Extractor

Dust extraction is key for removing dust in the floor preparation process to provide a safe and efficient workplace. Here are some of the many benefits of hiring a dust extractor.

Range of Equipment

Whether you are working on an industrial, commercial or residential project, you will require a dust extractor to maintain a clean and safe worksite.

By hiring a dust extractor, you have access to extensive catalogues of equipment by the best manufacturers of each category of machinery. This means that you are far more likely to receive equipment that is reliable, high-quality, and appropriate for the job at hand.

Cost-Effective & Flexibility

From grinding and polishing to sanding and scabbling, completing a flooring project requires lots of equipment, sometimes only for short periods of time.

Hiring your equipment as opposed to buying it outright is the most cost-effective solution for your project, as it means you pay a lower upfront cost and can return the equipment when you no longer need it.

Not only this, but you also do not need to constantly find and pay for storage space for new equipment, as you can simply return it after you have used it.

Renting a small dust extractor as opposed to buying it outright means that you get the flexibility to use the equipment for specific jobs as and when needed. Combining flexibility and cost-effectiveness makes renting an amazing way to save you money and time.

Numatic Dust Extractor, Nilfisk or Ermator: Which Extractor is Best?

Of course, the nature of your project will dictate which dust extractor is best. For small to medium-sized areas, the Numatic WDV 900 is an ideal choice. This versatile and user-friendly dust extractor boasts a 32-litre wet capacity house within a compact body.

If you are looking for a powerful dry dust extractor suitable for small and medium areas, the Nilfisk CFM S3B dust extractor could be the best choice for you. This general-purpose machine is fitted with a manual shaker to help clean the main filter on site.

For large areas, you may want to go for a Ermator T7500 dust extractor. It is a powerful dust extractor best used when heavy duty machinery is being used.

Dust Extractor Hire from Concept Flooring Technology

If you are looking for high-quality dust extractors to hire for your project, Concept Flooring Technology can help. As experts in our field, we stock a great selection of flooring machinery for hire, including dust extractors, planers and so much more.

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For tradespeople and professionals looking to hire floor preparation machinery, understanding the benefits and applications of each piece is essential. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘a bad workman blames their tools’, but the truth is, the wrong machine can lead to a poorly finished job.

In the following article, we’ll outline the purpose and uses of concrete planers, clarifying the circumstances in which they are best used, and the results that can be achieved with proper handling.

What Is A Planer?

In order to acquire the correct machinery for the project at hand, it is essential that businesses are aware of the elements that differentiate concrete planers from other equipment, such as grinders. As the name suggests, a concrete grinder is designed to wear away a small amount of the material’s surface, removing concrete, adhesives and paint where necessary. The focus of this article, however, is on planers, also referred to as ‘scabblers’ or ‘scarifiers’.

Put simply, a concrete planer, scabbler or scarifier, is a machine used to prepare concrete by scaring and removing to leave a textured finish. It must be noted that planers are not designed to grind concrete, rather, they are best suited to slab height reduction, adhesive removal or leaving a textured finish.

Which Jobs Require a Planer?

Those familiar with planers will be well aware of their versatility. With electric and petrol-powered machines of varying sizes and adjustable depths available for hire, planers can be used for a range of practical applications.

Planers are particularly convenient for the texturing, grooving and cleaning of flooring in preparation for further work. Whether you intend to resurface a walkway for safety reasons or adjust the levelling of a concrete slab, planers are excellent machines.

Different Planers For Reduction Needs

Of course, the nature of your project will dictate which planer is best suited. One key factor that it is dependent on is the amount of reduction required. For a job needing circa 10mm height reduction, a machine such as the AIRTEC RM320 is an ideal choice owing to its self-propelled design and its ability to cover vast areas of flooring. For a project where you will be requiring a 2-3mm height reduction, you might instead want to go with an AIRTEC RT2000.

Floor Scarifier Hire From Concept Flooring Technology

Whatever kind of flooring device you’re looking for, look no further than Concept Flooring Technology. Our expert team are always here to discuss the specific requirements of your project and fulfil all of your machine hire needs.

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Scarifiers are walk-behind devices that are used on concrete surfaces. They come in a variety of sizes but use the same basic principle to operate. Here at Concept Flooring Technology, we offer the hire of high-quality flooring machines to clients around mainland UK.

Read on to find out more about why you should hire a floor scarifier.

More About Floor Scarifier Machines

This involves tungsten-tipped cutters that pound down into the concrete surface, breaking the top layer down. They are most suitable for reducing the height of a concrete slab, adhesive or to provide a textured finish to a floor. They do not grind concrete.

The tungsten tip flail drum can also be replaced for certain jobs such as for one that would be more suitable for car park line removal. They’re a useful tool to use due to them being lightweight and effective at quick removal.

Why Hire Flooring Machinery?

Like most other types of plant hire, flooring machinery hire usually comes down to one main factor. Cost. Typically, it is a lot more cost-effective to hire a piece of flooring machinery for the period of time you need to use it, rather than buying the machinery outright. This is because machinery is often very expensive, while the cost of renting can be considerably cheaper.

The one instance where it isn’t cost-effective is if you’re constantly using the machinery, and the rental money might eventually eclipse the original buying price. However, if you are only renting the flooring machinery for a single purpose, or not very regularly, hiring is much cheaper.

Hiring equipment also means you will be getting high-quality machinery every time. You don’t have to worry about maintaining your own equipment, or your model becoming obsolete as better machines are developed.

Floor Scarifier Hire From Concept Flooring Technology

If you’re looking to hire a floor scarifier, work with Concept Flooring Technology. We are a reliable and trusted company, working to bring the best grinder and polisher hire to clients across mainland UK. We have a selection of scarifiers, including the Airtec RT2000 and the Airtec RT250.

The Airtec RT250 is perfect if you’re looking for a medium-duty scarifier, ideal for when you need to roughen and scarify surfaces, as well as when removing coatings and preparation work. The RT2000 on the other hand is more of a general-purpose floor machine. It has a lightweight body and is most suited to the removal of rubber, adhesive and other coatings.

As with most flooring machines, you’ll also need adequate dust control to ensure your safety and to keep the environment clean. You can see our range of dust extractors here.

If you’re interested in exceptional quality flooring machinery available for hire, call us today on 01494 485952. We can offer our expert advice and even professional on-site guidance and consultations.