Whether you’re grinding or stripping your floor, there are an abundance of reasons why dust extraction is so important. For one, anyone who has ever performed any floor grinding or other floor preparation tasks will be well aware of the health risks associated with inhaling dust, and how essential effective dust control is as a result.

While in many cases dust will simply be a nuisance rather than a potential hazard, it is still important that any dust is collected when operating certain kinds of machinery. If nothing else, having a powerful dust extractor to hand makes tidying up after a long day of working on your project a much simpler task.

However, if you’ve never worked with a dust extractor before, you might be wondering which model would be most appropriate for your needs. Fortunately, this blog will offer tips on what to consider when choosing a large dust extractor, as well as highlight some of the high-tech machinery available for hire from Concept Flooring Technology.

What to Consider When Choosing a Dust Extractor

There are a number of factors to consider during the selection process that will help you determine which dust extractor would be the best fit for you:

  • Level of protection: what type of dust do you need to remove?

  • Power source: is the dust extractor cordless, mains 110v (for work sites) or mains 240v (for domestic use)?

  • Wet or dry pick-up: do you need the dust extractor to collect liquids as well as dry solids?

  • Required power take-off: are you limited on power sources?

  • Auto on/off: do you need your dust extractor to only work whilst using a tool?

  • Capacity: how much dust will your project produce?

  • Auto-clean: this additional function can make the filtration level more efficient.

Which Model is Best For Me?

Below are just some of the exceptional quality large dust extractors available for hire from Concept Flooring Technology.


The Nilfisk CFM S3 Dust Extractor is perfect for general-purpose dust control in small to medium-sized areas. This powerful large dust extractor meets all necessary asbestos requirements and comes with a hose as standard. Depending on your required function, it can also be fitted with a wand or floor head.

This 110v dust control machine features a Longopac debris bag system that has a 50L of 100L collection capacity with an easy removal mechanism. It can be used for wet or dry applications, and also benefits from being lightweight and easy to move around.


If you’re in need of a large dust extractor for jobs that cover vast areas, choose the Ermator T7500 Dust Extractor. This 415v machine meets asbestos requirements and is ideal for use as a powerful dust extractor for use with larger diamond grinders and other heavy-duty flooring machines.

Despite weighing 205kg, this extractor is easily manoeuvrable with a pair of puncture-free, non-marking and lockable wheels. The debris bag can easily be removed and emptied, and each unit comes with a hose as standard. Floor heads and wands are also available for hire.

From Small Dust Extractors to Numatic Dust Extractors: Shop Concept Flooring Technology

For nationwide hire, delivery and collection of large and small dust extractors, heavy duty scrubber dryers and other flooring technology, choose Concept Flooring Technology. Need more information on how to operate your hired machinery? Our experienced team can assist you with finding the right machinery for your needs and how to use it to achieve the desired result. Get in touch with us for more information.