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20 Years

20 Years. What a journey its been.

I’ve heard about “the good old days” more times than I care to remember. I’ve heard about the double shifts and about sleeping in the van in the middle of no where. I’ve heard about having to cobble things together to make it work, and the “oh my god do you remember that job?!”

Life of a Family Business in Lockdown

This is a slightly different blog post to what I’m used to. I won’t be explaining the different finishing effects of scabblers with a 200mm drum as opposed to a 250mm drum, or why I would recommend one dust extractor over another when removing a specific floor covering. This post is to look at the life of a small family run business when the world went into lockdown …


Bitumen Removal

Until the 1980’s, asbestos containing bitumen was often used as an adhesive for flooring in both domestic and commercial settings. Its popularity was due to its water resistance, fireproof properties and being largely inexpensive.

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Dust Control

Not only is dust a major factor requiring control on site, it is hazardous and a real health issue when not treated correctly. Two of the biggest concerns are silica dust and asbestos contaminated material.


Soft Floor Removal

Sometimes flooring that goes down, must come up. This can be due to a number of reasons, such as soft strip demolition, change of design or even an adhesive or sub layer failure. This can become a one or two stage process which is completely dependent on a case by case basis.