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Concrete Processing: The Difference Between Concrete Grinders and Polishers

Although the terms ‘concrete grinder’ and ‘concrete polisher’ are used almost interchangeably, these machines actually perform different jobs for different effects. It’s important that you understand the differences between the two in case you end up buying the wrong machine for your requirements. This guide breaks down the differences between the two machines by looking […]

A Guide to Using Dust Control Machines

Ensuring that your facility uses the correct dust control machines can save you a lot of money in the long run. However, it’s important to understand how they work and which type of machine will be best suited to your requirements before purchasing one. How Do Dust Control Machines Work? In all construction sites dust […]

3 Key Reasons Why You Should Hire Flooring Machines

Many jobs require very specific pieces of equipment, whether this be a dust control machine, a handheld or pushed floor grinder, or some form of cleaning machine. These are often costly investments which makes hiring them a cost-effective solution in many circumstances.  Not only can you try before you buy, but it saves you carrying […]

Four Commercial Environments that Require Concrete Grinder Hire

Concrete floors are great for a range of commercial environments due to their long lifespan, cost-effective maintenance and reflective and hygienic properties. They are also  able to withstand the heavy foot traffic of a lot of visitors and create an upscale flooring option for high-profile reception areas, offices, hairdressers and retail buildings. Installing a concrete […]

How to Choose the Correct Grinding Blade for Your Concrete Grinding Job

The success of your concrete floor grinding comes down to selecting the right tools for the job including the right grinders and blades. Concrete grinders use diamond pads to grind down the concrete with hard synthetic diamonds, they come in a variety of grit sizes and types so it can be slightly confusing knowing which […]

Which Commercial Floor Polisher is Best for You?

With concrete floors becoming increasingly popular, you’ll want them to be as shiny as mirrors. By hand, this would probably take months, if not years, to achieve such a uniform and shiny surface. Alternatively, you could hire some equipment from a floor cleaner hire like Concept Flooring Technology, who will deliver their tools and machines […]

Four Reasons to Hire a Scrubber Dryer

A scrubber dryer is one of the many flooring machines you can hire to keep your floor looking clean and shiny. They work by rotating brushes on the floor’s surface in a scrubbing motion to remove dirt and residue from the floor, which is then collected by a vacuum to leave the floor clean and […]

What Are the Benefits of Concrete Grinder Hire?

Concrete flooring is one of the most common types of flooring used in both residential and commercial buildings. It’s non-absorbent nature, durability and aesthetic appearance make it a popular choice for use in warehouses, schools, industrial buildings, commercial properties and more.  Concrete is very hard wearing and relatively easy to maintain but it does require […]