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Is The Innovatech Terminator Infinity Floor Stripper For Me?

When it comes to stripping floors, this can be a laborious task if you don’t have the right machinery, especially when needing to cover large areas. Thankfully, ride-on floor stripping machines are on hand to efficiently and quickly remove many types of flooring. One such machine is the Innovatech Terminator Infinity Stripping Machine. Read on […]

Choosing an Appropriate Large Dust Extractor

Whether you’re grinding or stripping your floor, there are an abundance of reasons why dust extraction is so important. For one, anyone who has ever performed any floor grinding or other floor preparation tasks will be well aware of the health risks associated with inhaling dust, and how essential effective dust control is as a […]

The SPE DFG460 Grinder: An Adaptable Floor Grinder For Hire

Within our fleet of practical flooring machines, at Concept Flooring Technology we’ve long been committed to providing exactly what customers need. Be it a top-of-the-range branded stripping machine, handheld tool able to succeed within confined spaces or a larger ride-on option – we have it all. Versatile and efficient, this blog will focus specifically on […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Floor Sanders

As with any kind of equipment, users often have questions about how to use floor sanders effectively. Therefore, in this blog post, the experts here at Concept Flooring Technology will answer some frequently asked questions about concrete floor sanders. What is a concrete floor sander? A concrete floor sanders is a heavy-duty machine designed to […]

How To Operate A Commercial Floor Polisher

When it comes to your business, appearances really do matter. A well-kept commercial property conveys care, attention, pride and professionalism; every aspect, from the front door to the lighting plays a part in your reputation. Among the most important of these elements is the flooring. Commercial flooring must be properly maintained to keep it looking […]

Advantages Of Dust Extractor Rental

When working with equipment that creates a lot of dust, renting a dust extractor is essential for maintaining a safe and efficient worksite. Dust extractors are used to remove dust from worksites to ensure that the air is clean and breathable. Here is why you should consider hiring a dust extractor for your worksite instead […]

The Convenience Of A Planer For Your Concrete Floor

For tradespeople and professionals looking to hire floor preparation machinery, understanding the benefits and applications of each piece is essential. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘a bad workman blames their tools’, but the truth is, the wrong machine can lead to a poorly finished job. In the following article, we’ll outline the purpose and uses […]

Should I Hire A Floor Scarifier?

Scarifiers are walk-behind devices that are used on concrete surfaces. They come in a variety of sizes but use the same basic principle to operate. Here at Concept Flooring Technology, we offer the hire of high-quality flooring machines to clients around mainland UK. Read on to find out more about why you should hire a […]