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A Mini Guide to Using a Floor Grinder

Flooring material needs to be practical, hard wearing and hygienic, especially if it’s being used in high traffic areas or a building like a hospital or a school. Even the most hard-wearing material will need to be repaired, maintained or replaced from time to time and it’s essential to have the right equipment for the […]

Why is Dust Extraction Important?

Whether you’re grinding or stripping your flooring, maintaining a safe environment is essential. However, one area that is often overlooked is dust extraction. Removing dust and debris is important in the floor preparation process, not only for your health but in creating an efficient work site. Here’s why dust extraction is important. Reduces health-related risks […]

Preparing For Flooring Machine Hire: What PPE Do I Need?

When hiring flooring machinery it’s important to consider the safety aspect of your project. Do you have an appropriate PPE? A risk assessment should be done beforehand to determine which PPE is required or get expert advice from our team who will guide you through the necessary safety steps and precautions. In this blog, we […]

All You Need to Know About Soft Floor Removal

Renovating your commercial premises is a great way of breathing new life into the space including upgrading your flooring. Soft floor removal, for flooring such as carpet, vinyl and rubber, will make the removal easy so you’ll have your new floor covering installed in no time! Here’s all you need to know about soft floor […]

A Mini Guide to Using Floor Scabblers

A floor scabbler, also known as floor planers and scarifiers, is a walk-behind device that is mainly used on concrete surfaces. These machines are most suitable for reducing the height of a concrete slab, thick adhesive or to provide a textured finish. Here’s an explanation as to how they work, why they’re useful, how to […]

Why Hire a Scrubber Dryer?

At Concept Flooring Technology, we offer a range of machines for hire including preparation grinders, planers and floor scabblers. But to keep your flooring looking clean and tidy, it’s important to maintain the upkeep of your floor which requires the use of scrubber dryer machines. The scrubber dryers we have available for hire are great […]

A Guide to the 6 Key Flooring Machines

Here at Concept Flooring Technology, we have a fleet of flooring machines that we hire out. Seeing as they can look fairly similar and do fairly similar things, it can be difficult to understand the differences between these different options. This blog outlines these differences and exactly what use each machine is most optimal for. […]

Diamond Blades for Handheld Grinders: Frequently Asked Questions

Handheld grinders are versatile machines as they allow you to work in numerous areas and on different materials that otherwise wouldn’t be possible with larger planetary grinders. Given their usefulness in the construction field, it’s important that you understand how they work, what sort of blades are required, what sizes they come in and how […]

A Mini Guide to Hiring a Floor Cleaning Machine: Your Questions Answered

Once you have achieved your desired flooring through scabbling, grinding, stripping and polishing, you’ll need to maintain it by using quality cleaning machines. If your flooring is subject to heavy footfall or spillages, hiring floor cleaning machines such as scrubber dryers or grout cleaning machines are an excellent solution to keep your flooring looking clean […]

Your Guide to Choosing The Right Concrete Floor Grinder

Have you found yourself feeling a little uncertain of what type of concrete floor grinder would be best suited to your specific needs? There are certainly a couple of things to consider prior to deciding which type you want to use. A concrete floor grinder can be utilised for lots of different applications varying from […]