Diamond grinding is probably unfamiliar for those who don’t work in the flooring or construction industry and it’s nothing to do with jewellery either! Diamond grinding is a highly efficient process that’s used on concrete flooring or pavements. Many commercial buildings and public areas feature concrete floors and it’s important that these areas are well maintained.

If your concrete flooring has been looking a little worse for wear and you want to know more about diamond grinding, read on for our handy guide.

What is diamond grinding?

Diamond grinding is a highly efficient method used to restore concrete flooring or prepare it for a new floor coating. The process uses machines (known as diamond grinders) which have horizontally rotating discs with diamond-tipped saw blades. As the discs spin, these blades clean, level and restore the concrete surface.

Most diamond grinder machines also have built-in vacuum extraction to reduce the amount of dust produced during the process. Diamond grinding is used to address a number of concrete floor issues, including uneven surfaces, faulting at joints and cracks, worn pavements from wheel rutting and a rough surface texture.

Advantages of diamond grinding

Diamond grinding is one popular method used to restore pavement quality and to prep a concrete surface for additional maintenance (e.g a new floor coating). Diamond grinding also gives improved ride quality, reduced noise and increased friction resistance. This increase in friction also helps to reduce accidents, especially during wet weather.

Diamond grinding won’t leave a residue on the concrete (unlike other methods such as acid etching). This means that the floor is perfectly prepped for the addition of protective coatings or sealants.

Is my surface suitable for diamond grinding?

Not all concrete surfaces are suitable for restoration using diamond grinding. In most cases, diamond grinding isn’t suitable for pavements or concrete surfaces with weak supporting soil or those requiring a lot of repairs. Concrete pavements should have good structural integrity and a stable base if you want to achieve the best results when using diamond grinding machines.

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