FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Which Floor Cleaning Machine Is Best For My Flooring?

Concept Flooring Technology supply an array of floor cleaning machines, including the Numatic TT4045, and Numatic TRO650 Scrubber Dryer. Whereas the TT4045 is perfect for medium-sized areas, the TRO650 is a ride-on machine well suited to larger areas of flooring.

What Is The Purpose Of A Floor Scabbler?

Floor scabblers are used to remove a thin layer of concrete from surfaces, through a process of many small rods being pounded into the top layer. Available in handheld or walk-behind varieties, our selection at Concept Flooring Technology includes the Airtec RT2000 Scabbler and Airtec RT250 Scabbler, suitable for medium-sized areas.

How Do I Use A Floor Scarifier?

Effectively removing concrete via a pummeling action, scarifiers will chip away at your concrete surface, seamlessly removing tough coatings such as rubbery adhesives. A variety of machines are available to suit various applications, and our team would be more than happy to show you how they function.

Should A Floor Planer Be Used For A Larger Area?

Though different floor planers can be used for varied area sizes, at Concept Flooring Technology, we recommend the Airtec RM320 Planer and Airtec SM320 Shavemaster specifically. Fantastic for the removal of thick coatings, we offer a comprehensive delivery and collection service to all sites across the UK.

Is Dust Extractor Rental Affordable?

At Concept Flooring Technology, we maintain competitive pricing options for hire of our entire product range, with dust extractors available for temporary use. Hiring machines can often work out cheaper than outright purchasing, so contact our team for further details.

How Can A Commercial Floor Polisher Enhance Appearance?

Floor polishers are ideal for buffing and maintaining immaculate floor surfaces, especially useful in large commercial spaces. The polishing process makes flooring more durable, which reduces the likelihood of decline, while providing a shiny exterior. Our current selection includes the Blastrac BMG435, HTC 500 polisher, and much more.

Why Would Someone Use A Floor Sander?

Sanding machine hire is fantastic for ensuring previous paint and other coatings are removed from flooring before continuing with other tasks. Key an existing coating, or remove thin material with the Schwamborn STR701 Sander, while the Eibenstock ELS225 Pole Sander can even be used on floors and ceilings.

Does My Job Require A Large Dust Extractor?

Large dust extractors are most necessary for clearing dust from a site following the use of machinery, and will help to maintain a safe environment. Reducing health risks, and providing better working conditions for varied tasks. Large extractors include the Ermator T7500, while the Nilfisk CFM S3B is perfect for small-to-medium spaces.

Where Can I Acquire A Ride On Scrubber Dryer?

Concept Flooring Technology are nationally recognised providers of ride on scrubber dryers, with our range including the large and effective Numatic TRO650 model. With a scrubbing width of 650mm, and a 3.5 hour running time when fully charged, get in touch for hire information.

How Do I Correctly Use A Concrete Shaver?

Concrete shavers are perfect for creating anti-slip surfaces, removing thick coatings, and grooving large areas, with the Airtec SM320 Shavemaster a sensible choice. For specific guidance on using this product, including forward and reverse variable drive speed, as well as micro-depth control, contact us today.

Should I Outright Purchase, Or Acquire A Floor Polisher For Hire?

There are savings to be made when you hire a floor polisher for temporary use, as the outright cost of buying such machinery is likely to be considerable. Borrowing either the HTC Duratiq T6 or HTC 1500IXT will provide all the benefits of floor polisher acquisition, with reduced pricing.

What Improvements Should I Expect From Using A Concrete Polisher?

Opting for a reliable concrete polisher from Concept Flooring Technology will provide an assortment of benefits, with improvements including a refreshed appearance, assistance with floorboard stripping, or even burnishing of your floor. We even offer consumable attachments for your convenience.

For How Long Can I Borrow A Dust Extractor For Hire?

Dust extractors are essential for dealing with the excess dust and debris from flooring maintenance, and the range at Concept Flooring Technology includes units for smaller narrow surfaces, and larger expansive areas. We’re flexible with our hire periods, so contact us today and we would be happy to assist.

What Are The Features Of A Hilti Dust Extractor?

The Hilti 40-UM is a small and manoeuvrable dust extractor, perfect for those hard-to-reach areas. 110v 16amp, this versatile machine can even run off mains power with a 5kva Transformer for convenience. Weighing just 14.7 kg, each Hilti dust extractor comes with a hose, and can be fitted with a wand and floor head if needed.

Is My Surface Appropriate For A Floor Stripping Machine?

Most of the floor stripping machines we stock are suitable for a range of floor types, but it’s always best to double-check with our experts before hiring, to enquire if a particular machine is right for your surface. With an impressive selection, including the large and practical Blastrac BMS220, we provide all-important choice.