Choosing The Ideal Floor Cleaning Machine

Sustaining a clean and even floor surface is easier said than done, but it’s an important thing to uphold when you have clients and guests visiting your commercial premises. Here at Concept Flooring Technology, we maintain a reliable stock of machines available for hire, including grout cleaning machines in 110v and petrol power, as well as scrubber dryers in walk-behind and ride-on models.

Let us take you through the cleaning solutions we can provide, with specific guidance and technical details available on our website should you want more information.

Our Machines Explained

The Concept Flooring Technology team goes above and beyond to thoroughly maintain and clean our range of scrubber dryers, meaning our fleet of machines can be relied upon to retain their full functionality and effectiveness.

The rotating brushes attached to the scrubber dryer will slide across your surface in a fast scrubbing motion, removing residue and dirt, before sweeping up excess mess using its vacuum feature. Delivery and collection to and from sites around the United Kingdom make flooring machinery hire well worth your consideration.

Area Size And Surface Material

We understand that not all properties are the same size and scale, therefore you may require specific machinery dependent on the space you’re dealing with. Within the Concept Flooring Technology range, we can provide scrubber dryers which are perfect for narrow halls, medium-sized rooms, or expansive commercial spaces.

If you are looking to hire a heavy duty walk-behind scrubber dryer for a mid-sized space, the Numatic TT4045 Scrubber Dryer is likely your best option, while the Numatic TRO650 Scrubber Dryer model is a ride-on machine better suited to larger areas.

The surface material you’re working with is certainly something worth considering when you’re looking to hire flooring machinery, with scrubber dryers able to maintain a hygienic interior as well as restore even the dirtiest of floors to an agreeable condition.

Client Needs And Consumables

Depending on the project at hand, you may have specific requirements with regards to the power output required from machinery, as well as the weight, battery capacity, and much more. If you require consumables to expand the capabilities of your appliance, Concept Flooring Technology can provide attachable sponge belts, nylon scrubbing brushes, and twister pads. For further insight into these options, just give us a call.

Concept Flooring Technology: Hire Your Heavy Duty Scrubber Or Efficient Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner

Though Concept Flooring Technology was founded over 20 years ago as a plant hire and contracting company, the decision was made in 2015 that it was time for the companies to split, and we have been excelling in our trade ever since.

We match clients with hire machines suited to their needs, be it preparation grinders for large concrete areas, floor planers and scabblers for smaller surfaces, or cleaning devices for that particularly impressive finish.

Interested in discussing your needs with an industry expert? Contact our team today, and we would be happy to help.