If you plan on hiring floor machinery such as grinders or polishers then you should also think about using a dust control machine and other safety precautions. Being safe should always be a top priority so before you get to work always think about the associated risks to ensure that your project can go ahead smoothly.

Here are four top tips for staying safe while using floor machinery.

Make sure the area is clear

Before you start work you must ensure that there are no hazards in the way. You should have a clear area to work so take a few moments to prepare the space before you turn on the machinery or you could end up damaging the equipment or hurting yourself. Remove anything that could be tripped over or get caught under the machinery such as wires, cables and hoses.

Never leave machinery unattended

Be mindful of how you are using each piece of machinery. You should never leave equipment unattended as part may still be moving after the machine has been turned off and this could result in an unexpected injury. When you are finished using a machine, turn it off completely until you are ready to use it again.

Use PPE and dust control machines

Often, a lot of dust is produced when preparing flooring so you need the right precautions in place. Dust extractor machines are a great way of significantly reducing the amount of dust in the air so you aren’t breathing it in. Furthermore, PPE such as eye protection and masks will prevent skin irritation and breathing problems so you can get on with the job trouble-free.

Wear sensible clothing

Do you have appropriate clothing to wear? It’s very easy for loose threads to get caught in machinery which can be extremely dangerous. Even if you are using a particular machine for just a short while, put on the right safety gear including covered shoes and avoid wearing loose clothing is jewellery that may get tangled easily.

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