From Concrete Scabblers to Polishing Machines: What Kind of Flooring Equipment Can You Hire?

No matter what job you are undertaking, there are a variety of flooring machines available to hire that you can use for any job, big or small. Whether you need floor cleaner hire or sanding machine hire, a flooring equipment company will be able to rent out a range of machines that can help you get the job done safely and efficiently, while also being cost-effective. 

Here are the different types of machines available to hire:

Preparation floor grinders and sanders

One of the first steps of floor renovation is to prepare the floor using preparation floor grinders and opting to use sanding machine hire. These are used to strip down any surface level contamination and level the floor ready for other machines or products. Most preparation floor grinders will be multi-purpose and effective in removing old coatings as well as grinding and sanding. These grinders use a variety of blades such as diamonds to wear down the floor surface through spinning discs to buff away any surfaces or coatings.

The SPE DFG400 Grinder uses diamond discs to grind medium sized flooring areas. It’s perfect for the removal of old coatings or scarifying to remove oil/ dirt deposits. You can choose what size grinding blades you want depending on the job at hand. If the material is more abrasive such as clay and granite, you will require diamond blades with a soft bond in order to optimise the grinding process.

If you are undertaking a large industrial scale grinding project without access to electricity outlets such as grinding a car park or roof work then a machine such as the Blastrac BG250P Grinder will be a great machine for the job. This kind of preparation grinder runs on petrol so you don’t need to worry about finding power outlets. It’s also an aggressive grinder which works rapidly and effectively to help you cover large sections of floor surface.

It’s important to properly prepare the floor for the renovation so that it can be appropriately treated with the right coatings and overlays to finish the job. Sanding machine hire is also essential to ensure any previous paint or coatings are lifted before polishing or treatments are added.

Floor Scabbler

Floor Scabblers are used to remove surface-level paint or coatings, to add a decorative or textured coating to concrete or to prepare your concrete surface for sealing or grouting. It is a great way to remove contaminants, adhesives or markings prior to any further work you are going to undertake. It may also be necessary to use a floor scabbler if you are planning on creating a non-slip surface, perhaps in a warehouse or garage.

Floor scabblers work either by using petrol or electricity to power several cylinders known as drums which are loosely fitted with small cutting tips that rotate to grind down the concrete. Another type of scabbler uses compressed air to wear away at concrete with a hammering action, like many tiny jackhammers working simultaneously.

A floor scabbler is the best way to efficiently resurface concrete and prepare it for sealants and overlays, add a rough texture or remove surface imperfections. They are also beneficial for concrete levelling, if the pour of concrete was not level and needs to be, you can use a scabbler machine to level out the concrete. The same goes for concrete grading such as creating ramps for wheelchairs or to drain rainwater away from the house.

Here are the types of floor scabblers you may look to hire from a flooring equipment company:

Light-weight floor scabbler machines are best used for smaller areas that need grinding. The Airtec Rt2000 Scabbler is powered either by petrol or 110v and ideal for general purpose jobs such as removing rubber, coatings and adhesive. This machine comes fitted as standard with a tungsten tip flail drum. The flooring machine hire company can build the drum set up differently if you require the machine for a particular job, such as car park line removal.

For larger jobs that require more power, opt for something more heavy-duty such as the Airtec RM320 Planer. This planer is a self-propelled 320mm machine that is ideal for concrete reduction across large areas. This kind of machine is great for abrasion and grinding of concrete, asphalt, markings, level differences, rubber deposits, plastic coatings and dirt crusts and cutting of seams in concrete, milling of asphalt surfaces among many other things. This machine works through the use of rasping and milling wheels, loosely placed on a rotating work drum.

Scabbling is a fast, safe and cost-effective way to prepare concrete surfaces, perfect for preparing concrete for the next steps or making a concrete surface safer.

Floor grinder rental

Concrete grinders and concrete polishers are used as a finishing tool for floor restoration by using rotating discs of abrasive diamond to level and smooth out surfaces. You can hire concrete grinders as handheld or walk-behind and are powered by either gas, propane or electricity. You can use different pads to achieve a different finish, so whether you are levelling a floor or producing a high-shine finish to your concrete floor, there’s a different grinder for the job. 

Depending on the size of the floor you are planning on grinding, there are different types of grinder polishers. A handheld grinder such as the 180mm Hitachi G23SC3 is perfect for hard to reach places covering a small area, while still providing a heavy-duty grind for your concrete.

If you are looking to grind a slightly larger area you may choose something like the Blastrac BMG435 Grinder Polisher which is a walk-behind polishing machine. This machine is suitable for concrete, terrazzo and natural stone and can be used as both a grinder and polisher using a variety of both metal and diamond tooling. You can also hire machines specific for edges and hard to reach places. The HTC 270 Edger will help you perfectly grind tight and impractical areas of flooring, giving you the desired finish.

Using a concrete grinder polisher to finish your flooring will give you a beautiful and contemporary floor solution, perfect for a range of commercial and residential spaces. Grinding concrete with the appropriate machinery helps to improve the durability of the floor and give it an improved surface which looks brand new, without having to fork out a lot for a replacement floor.

Cleaning machines

If your flooring is already completed with grinding and polishing processes, then regular upkeep of the floor is important. Flooring machine hire companies will provide floor cleaner hire to help you stay on top of the maintenance of your flooring. Scrubber dryers are the best for this job as they clean and dry the floor in one pass over and help you to get the job done quickly and safely. Scrubber dryers can be hired as a walk-behind or sit-on, depending on your preference and what kind of floor cleaner hire you need. They work by using rotating brushes which rapidly deep clean the floor. The water residue is then collected by a system of squeegees and a vacuum, leaving the floor clean and dry.

The Numatic TRO650 Scrubber Dryer is a sit-on cleaning machine perfect for large areas that need regular cleaning. It has a 120 litre capacity and has 3.5 hours of running time so you can make sure every part of your floor gets cleaned.

If you are in need of a slightly smaller machine, the Numatic TT4045 Scrubber Dryer is ideal for exceptionally dirty and rough floors and has a 40 litre capacity.

Floor cleaner hire helps to save time, increase cleanliness and safety standards as well as being a more wallet-friendly option than the up-front costs of buying a machine for your business.

Machines for tile stripping

Besides grinding, there are many other machines for hire to help renovate your floor including stripping machines. These machines are suitable for pulling up a variety of materials including tiles, carpet and vinyl and offer a fast and effective option to remove any previous flooring.

The Blastrac BMS220 Stripping Machine uses stripping blades with a bevelled edge to pull up things like tiles and carpet. 

Floor grinding, polishing and sanding can be a messy job so floor machine hire companies will also hire out wet vacs and industrial vacuums for clean-up. With a wide variety available, it’s important to choose the right one for the job. The Nilfisk CFM S3 Dust Extractor helps to clear any dust or debris from your work space and has a 100 litre capacity as well as meeting asbestos requirements to keep you and your team safe.

Concept Flooring provide a wide range of floor grinder rental machines for any job

If you’re undertaking a floor grinding project, big or small, Concept flooring has the right machine for you. Our friendly team will be more than happy to advise you on which machine to hire, whether you need a scrubber dryer or floor scabbler. Get in touch with us today to find out more.