Concrete flooring in commercial and industrial buildings often sees a lot of heavy traffic, so what can be done to protect the surface? Adding a floor coating to concrete floors helps to protect the surface, increases the floor durability and gives your concrete floors an attractive finish.

Coatings are a highly efficient way to protect your floor, but it’s important to make sure the surface is adequately prepared beforehand. If you’re thinking about adding a coating to your concrete floor, read on for our handy guide to prepare the surface.

Clean and repair

It’s vital to thoroughly clean the concrete beforehand, including vacuuming or sweeping away any dirt and dust. Any cracks or uneven areas in the concrete will also need to be filled in before proceeding to the next stage.

Any grease or oil spots will need to be removed using a degreaser and a stiff brush or a floor planer, before the entire area is mopped with hot soapy water. Ensure the concrete surface is thoroughly dry before moving on.

Prep the surface

If your concrete flooring has an existing coating, check for any loose patches and remove them completely if necessary. You’ll need to sand down the surface of the floor until none of the old coating gloss remains. This step is still necessary if you’re applying a coating for the first time as it ensures the surface is level.

Concrete floors can be prepared using a diamond grinder; a machine which uses rotating discs and saw-tipped blades to clean and restore the concrete surface. Most diamond grinders come with a built-in vacuum extraction to remove dust, but it’s still a good idea to sweep the floor again when you’ve finished.

Diamond grinding also prepares the floor for coating by giving it a slightly rough surface. A coating will not adhere well to a completely smooth floor so it’s important that you don’t skip this step.

Apply a primer

If you’re adding a coating for the first time, you’ll need to apply a primer. Primers help the coating to adhere properly, plus it helps it last longer with fewer chips or cracks. Primers also provide an absorbent barrier to prevent the coating from damaging the concrete underneath.

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