Looking For Commercial Renovation Ideas? Here’s How a Grinder Polisher Can Transform Your Floors

Many businesses look to reform and reorder their commercial spaces to benefit their business long term. This could include creating more storage space, installing new machinery, and even creating new commercial spaces. However, this can be a very costly and time-consuming process and one which can disrupt the day-to-day running of your business. This is why it’s important to take advantage of the versatility offered by grinder polishers. They do the job of multiple machines and there’s a whole range of options for you to choose from so that there’ll always be the right model for your needs.

Continue reading to find out how your plans to renovate your commercial premises can be made a lot easier and more time-efficient by using a grinder polisher!

What is a Grinder Polisher?

A grinder polisher is a machine that does exactly what it says on the tin – it grinds and it polishes! They have a number of rotating heads on the bottom of them and when they pass over a surface, these rotating heads remove the top layers of that material. Usually, pads are applied to the rotating heads to let them grind more consistently over time as more crystals are exposed as the pad is used.

For larger commercial spaces, a walk-behind grinder polisher is usually the right choice and for smaller areas, a hand-held or single-headed model is usually chosen. Only for very large areas, like transport hubs, are sit-on machines used. As will be discussed, that they come in a range of sizes which is a core reason why they’re so beneficial for commercial renovations.

How Many Rotating Heads Will You Need?

The main thing you’ll need to decide upon when you’re looking to hire a grinder polisher is how many rotating heads you think you’ll need. This is important because it dictates to what extent you’ll get a uniform, shiny, and refined finish.

Single-headed machines might lack in area coverage but they make up for this by their more concentrated weight distribution. Because there’s only one head, the weight of the machine is channelled through a smaller surface area which makes this type of grinder polisher great for levelling floors and other tasks that require aggressive levels of grinding. If you’d like a similar effect but with a larger coverage area then dual-headed machines are your best option.

Then there are ‘planetary’ grinder polishers. Because these have over two rotating heads, the weight of the machine is displaced over a larger surface area. Because of this even distribution, the surface is much more uniform which allows light to reflect more smoothly from the material, which is what made your school sports hall so shiny!

You Won’t Need a Heavy Duty Floor Stripper or a Buffer Machine!

Another key benefit of grinder polishers is that you won’t need separate stripping machines. The same grinding process that wears down concrete can be used on other materials that are difficult to remove. Rather than making a mess and using anti-materials, why not just grind down the wax or glue that attached your floorboards together or the wallpaper to the wall? The important thing to keep in mind is to choose the correct grinding pad for the material you’re grinding, from tile stripping to removing glue.

Lots of people wrongly think that they’ll also require a separate buffer machine to achieve that shiny finish. As explained, in reality, your grinder polisher can accomplish this job, provided it has the appropriate number of rotating heads. Choosing a machine with at least four heads will accomplish the shiniest and most uniform finish because it’ll allow for greater weight distribution across those pads.

Saving Time and Money

That hiring a grinder polisher will reduce the number of other tools and equipment you’ll need isn’t a factor to overlook. As all businesspeople know, time is money. Not only do you save money in the short term as you won’t need to hire out multiple pieces of equipment from different hire companies, but you also won’t have to keep your business running at such a limited capacity for as long.

The other benefit is that all of our machines are very usable. They come with all their instructions and our team are more than happy to set the equipment up and to show you how to use them before you get going. This saves total labour costs. The fact that all of our machines come with dust extraction units only reinforces the above points. In essence, the versatility of grinder polishers comes into full force during commercial renovations where you’ll likely have many more steps, which will be more complex, than you might for a residential renovation.

Versatility: From Drive-on Vehicles to Hand-held Sanding Machine Hire

For people who require a smaller grinder polisher, we have a number of options available with a lower 110v power. To avoid needing to separately hire a generator, we can supply you with a transformer so that these grinder polishers can run off your mains sockets. If that’s not small enough and you have particularly awkward places to grind and polish, such as nooks, crannies, and very awkwardly angled corners, then we also have some hand-held models.

Not only this but we also have some edger polisher grinders that are specifically designed to grind and polish right up to the wall. This is because the rotating head sits on a pivot, giving the user greater handling and accuracy, rather than trying to steer larger, heavier models into awkward positions.

The last thing to consider is that we also have the appropriate dust extraction machines for each of our grinder polishers. It’s important to be safe whilst using grinder polishers and the large quantity of dust created by using them contains sulfur particles which are particularly dangerous. Attaching a dust extraction unit, and using dust skirtings to seal off the connection point will drastically reduce your exposure to these harmful sulfur particles. That we also offer dust extraction units means you don’t have the added hassle and expenses of sourcing one separately, which will help your commercial renovation go a lot smoother.

Commercial renovation can be a very costly, time-consuming, and stressful process. From sourcing all the materials and equipment to operating your business on a limited capacity to all the large and small costs involved. What a lot of business owners and runners don’t realise is that grinder polishers can solve a lot of these problems in one go. They can do the work that multiple machines would otherwise do, such as buffering floors to a shine and clearing materials from surfaces, and there’s a huge range of options available so that there’ll always be a model to suit your needs.

At Concept Flooring Technology, we offer a range of services in addition to grinder polisher machine hire. We sell the consumables that go with these machines, as well as dedicated planers, cleaning machines, preparation grinders, stripping machines, and operated plant machinery. Unlike other hire companies, we’ve specifically chosen to specialise in floor machinery so that we can deliver the best quality service possible. If you have any further questions about grinder polishers or any of our other services, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 01494 484054 today!