For tradespeople and professionals looking to hire floor preparation machinery, understanding the benefits and applications of each piece is essential. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘a bad workman blames their tools’, but the truth is, the wrong machine can lead to a poorly finished job.

In the following article, we’ll outline the purpose and uses of concrete planers, clarifying the circumstances in which they are best used, and the results that can be achieved with proper handling.

What Is A Planer?

In order to acquire the correct machinery for the project at hand, it is essential that businesses are aware of the elements that differentiate concrete planers from other equipment, such as grinders. As the name suggests, a concrete grinder is designed to wear away a small amount of the material’s surface, removing concrete, adhesives and paint where necessary. The focus of this article, however, is on planers, also referred to as ‘scabblers’ or ‘scarifiers’.

Put simply, a concrete planer, scabbler or scarifier, is a machine used to prepare concrete by scaring and removing to leave a textured finish. It must be noted that planers are not designed to grind concrete, rather, they are best suited to slab height reduction, adhesive removal or leaving a textured finish.

Which Jobs Require a Planer?

Those familiar with planers will be well aware of their versatility. With electric and petrol-powered machines of varying sizes and adjustable depths available for hire, planers can be used for a range of practical applications.

Planers are particularly convenient for the texturing, grooving and cleaning of flooring in preparation for further work. Whether you intend to resurface a walkway for safety reasons or adjust the levelling of a concrete slab, planers are excellent machines.

Different Planers For Reduction Needs

Of course, the nature of your project will dictate which planer is best suited. One key factor that it is dependent on is the amount of reduction required. For a job needing circa 10mm height reduction, a machine such as the AIRTEC RM320 is an ideal choice owing to its self-propelled design and its ability to cover vast areas of flooring. For a project where you will be requiring a 2-3mm height reduction, you might instead want to go with an AIRTEC RT2000.

Floor Scarifier Hire From Concept Flooring Technology

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