Floor stripping machines provide an effective, quick and efficient method of stripping floor covering back in preparation for a renovation, concrete floor grinding or floor repair work. These versatile machines come in all shapes and sizes, from ride-on floor strippers to walk-behind options for smaller spaces.

Choosing the most appropriate floor stripper for your project will depend on the type of material you need to have stripped, as well as the space and ventilation you have available. To give you a helping hand, we have created a brief guide to help you choose the right floor stripping machine.

Types of Floor Stripping Machines

Walk-Behind Floor Strippers

Self-propelled walk-behind floor stripper machines are the best choice when floor stripping in a small area is required. These hand-operated machines can remove bonded flooring, sports flooring and studded rubber floors. What’s more, these nimble machines can help you strip coverings from an entire floor, especially in areas with little room for mobility. We recommend the Wolff Turbo Stripper for areas such as school classrooms, offices and retail units.

Electric Ride-On Floor Strippers

Ride-on floor strippers require more space to operate in but work more efficiently and effectively than walk-behind floor strippers. Electric strippers are suitable for large areas which require floor stripping but have little ventilation for the fumes from a propane-powered stripper to escape. These large pieces of machinery can be used to remove vinyl floors, tiles, carpets, sports floors and much more.

Propane Ride-On Floor Strippers

As opposed to their electric counterparts, propane ride-on floor strippers are powered by natural gas. This means that they require a well-ventilated space for safe operation. However, when used for floor stripping they provide optimal efficiency as they are both fast to get the job done and economical. For stubborn flooring materials in well-ventilated areas, we would recommend the Innovatech Terminator T2200 Stripping Machine.

Materials Suitable For Floor Stripping Machines

Floor stripping machinery can be used to strip a wide variety of materials. These include:

  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Carpet
  • Bonded Flooring
  • Studded Rubber
  • Sports Flooring.

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