Here at Concept Flooring Technology, we specialise in high-quality floor machinery hire. We stock a wide range of flooring machinery from grinders and polishers to stripping machines and much more. Two of the most common machines for maintaining concrete floors are concrete floor grinders and floor polishers; but which is right for you? Here, we take a look at the differences between floor grinders and polishers and how they should be used during different stages of a flooring project.

Floor Grinders

Use a Floor Grinder To Mechanically Grind a Concrete Floor

One of the main functions of a concrete floor grinder is to mechanically grind a minute layer of concrete from the surface of a concrete floor. This function of a grinder removes imperfections and uneven surfaces to prepare the floor for adhesive or polishing.

Concrete Floor Grinders Remove Adhesives and Paint

As concrete floor grinders remove a thin layer from the surface of concrete, they are also an excellent choice when adhesive or paint removal is required. Walk-behind floor grinders remove floor coverings and then prepare the concrete or screed underneath for future products to be laid. This chemical-free solution to adhesive removal is one of the most cost-effective and mess-free methods available to contractors.

Concrete Floor Polisher

Choose a Concrete Floor Polisher For A Finished Sheen

Polishing finishing grinders are used to provide a final sheen to a concrete floor. Diamond grinders and polishers use fine diamond abrasive discs to provide a glassy, reflective surface and shine to a concrete floor. These machines are often deployed once floor grinders have been used to remove the surface layer of concrete along with any residual adhesives or paint.

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