A Guide to the 6 Key Flooring Machines

Here at Concept Flooring Technology, we have a fleet of flooring machines that we hire out. Seeing as they can look fairly similar and do fairly similar things, it can be difficult to understand the differences between these different options. This blog outlines these differences and exactly what use each machine is most optimal for.

1. Handheld Grinder

An angle grinder is essentially a motor that spins a disc around at a high speed. Depending on what type of blade is attached, this machine abrades different materials and wears them down. They’re not great for polishing as they have just one head but they’d be handy for accessing tricky spots like nooks, crannies and crevices.

2. Preparation Grinders

These work similarly to handheld grinders, just that they’re a larger walk-behind option. Whereas handheld options are better for smaller, more awkward areas, preparation grinders are better for covering large surfaces at a quick pace. Some models, like the HTC 400, use a number of diamond tool segments inside a single head rather than having multiple heads.

3. Polishing Finishing Grinders

Polishing finishing grinders are different because they’re always ‘planetary grinders’ which means that they have multiple rotating heads. This makes them capable of polishing surfaces and materials to a much finer degree than more aggressive abrasion techniques.

4. Planers and Scabblers

Planers and scabblers are also great options for removing materials quickly from a surface. Where they’re particularly unique is that they leave the new surface layer textured which prepares them much better for the installation of grout, glues and adhesives.

5. Stripping Machines

These machines are ideal for removing carpet, vinyl, ceramic tiles, and other floor coverings from your floor. A stripping blade thrusts under the material being removed, separating it from the floor it was attached to. However, it’s important that the appropriate attachment is used for the material being removed.

6. Cleaning Machines

Also known as scrubber driers, cleaning machines are used to ensure that the flooring you lay down is clean and presentable. Water is fed a brush and after getting any dirt, grime or debris off the floor, the machine vacuums up the remaining solution. Here at Concept Flooring Technology, we have both walk-behind and rideable options depending on your requirements.

If you have any further questions about these key flooring machines, or if you’d like to enquire about the different models we have and which might be most suitable for your project, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 01494 485952 today!