Why Hire a Scrubber Dryer?

At Concept Flooring Technology, we offer a range of machines for hire including preparation grinders, planers and floor scabblers. But to keep your flooring looking clean and tidy, it’s important to maintain the upkeep of your floor which requires the use of scrubber dryer machines. The scrubber dryers we have available for hire are great machines and are ideal for a range of uses.

They work by rotating brushes on the floor’s surface in a scrubbing motion to remove dirt and residue from the floor, which is then collected by a vacuum to leave the floor clean and dry. Rather than purchasing a scrubber dryer, which can be somewhat costly, Concept Flooring Technology provides them for rental at a reasonable fee.

But why might you need to hire a scrubber dryer? Here are a few reasons it would be beneficial for your business.

Who needs scrubber dryer hire?

Many industrial and commercial premises would benefit from hiring a scrubber dryer to clean their flooring. If you have large areas of flooring that experience a high amount of footfall, you may consider hiring a scrubber dryer to stay on top of the hygiene and to maintain clean premises.

Some of these include:

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Healthcare sites
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Schools

The benefits of hiring a scrubber dryer

There are many reasons why it would be beneficial to hire a scrubber dryer. Read on to discover how to make your business safer, more hygienic and more economical.


Cleaning large premises can be a long and laborious process, leading to large areas of wet and slippery flooring. This creates a potentially hazardous area for a while after the cleaning has been completed. Many workplace accidents are caused by wet or contaminated floors, leading to personal injury claims against the business or organisation. This could be easily avoided by regular and efficient cleaning with a scrubber dryer.

Because a scrubber dryer vacuums up any water from the surface as it cleans, once the scrubber dryer has been over a section, it is already left dry and safe to walk on. This also allows you to clean more regularly without having to wait until customers or colleagues have left the premises. Regular cleaning will also reduce the risk of slipping on spills, as the hazardous area will be cleaned up quickly.


As businesses continue to adapt and evolve in tackling the changes to working life since COVID-19, workplaces must be kept as hygienic as possible, this certainly includes clean floors and surfaces. By doing so, this will help to maintain high standards of hygiene in the workplace. By ensuring a safe and clean workplace, you will be able to reduce the number of sick days and time off work that needs to be taken by employees. A scrubber dryer is an imperative machine to help keep the flooring clean throughout your building.

Not only this, but environments such as healthcare facilities have an utmost responsibility to keep their premises clean. If there is regular contamination of flooring with hazardous fluids, the floors must be cleaned thoroughly and regularly. The same also goes for the food and drink industry as it’s vital that you maintain a clean environment where people consume food and beverages. Essentially, it is important to keep a clean and safe work environment and this can be done with scrubber dryer hire.

More effective

If you need to clean large spaces with just a mop and bucket, you’ll be spending valuable time on a task that can be completed much faster with a scrubber dryer. By using a mop and bucket you may simply be spreading dirt across the floor rather than actually cleaning it, or even just diluting it with water. A mop and bucket will get dirty very quickly, and after several uses, will not be that effective at cleaning. You will end up spending more money on time and resources and whoever is in charge of cleaning large areas of flooring will probably tire much quicker than they would if they were using a scrubber dryer.

On the other hand, a scrubber dryer uses cleaning chemicals to break down and loosen dirt, grease and grime, dislodge the debris and shine the floor. After cleaning it then vacuums all the residue up so that nothing is left on the floor. As a result, you have expertly clean floors, while the machine does all the work.

Restore exceptionally dirty floors

It’s vital that you have a good hygiene procedure in place if your business or workplace is prone to high amounts of dirt, spills or heavy foot traffic. Regular cleaning can be time-consuming, especially if you need to deep clean your flooring every day. One of the key selling points of a scrubber dryer is how deeply it can clean floors as opposed to other cleaning equipment. It can thoroughly clean and remove any dirt and debris from flooring and grooves and vacuum any remaining dirt, leaving the floor clean and dry.

If your workplace, such as a warehouse or factory, gets exceptionally dirty, it’s worthwhile hiring a scrubber dryer to feel confident that the floors will be as clean as possible. This ensures high hygiene levels, a safe work environment and makes your business look desirable to any customers or clients that may come in.


There are many instances within a business where you can choose more sustainable options. Considering your water usage is something we can all be more aware of. A scrubber dryer has a more controlled usage of water and cleaning solution, making sure you only use as much as you need to get a great clean on your floor. By using a scrubber dryer you can clean a floor using a controlled amount of detergent and water, therefore being much kinder to the environment. For areas that may be more soiled than others, you’ll need to use more water and detergent than an area that only has light usage. A scrubber dryer will allow you to control how much water and detergent to use depending on how deep a clean you’ll need for a particular area.

Why use Concept Flooring Technology for your scrubber dryer rental?

If you’ve decided you would benefit from using a scrubber dryer in your premises, you may be wondering what the benefits are of hiring a machine as opposed to buying one outright. Besides the obvious financial benefits, hiring a scrubber dryer from Concept Flooring Technology offers you an efficient, hygienic and safe solution to cleaning your floors.

Here’s why you should hire from Concept Flooring Technology:

Access to industry-leading expertise and knowledge on floor grinders

Concept Flooring Technology has a wide range of machines available for hire and are experts in the industry. Any questions you may have, they will be able to answer and help you get the most out of the machines you hire. Whether you’re hiring stripping machines, planers, floor scabblers or scrubber dryers, they will be able to advise you on how to properly use them. Furthermore, they’ll be able to provide you with all the machines you’ll need to create great finished floors, including maintenance after the floor grinding is complete.

Exceptionally well-maintained machines

Concept Flooring Technology only hires out machines that have been very well-maintained, meaning you’ll be able to get your hands on great machinery to grind, scrabble, polish and clean your flooring. You can feel confident that the machine you hire will be of great quality and the best of its kind. This ensures your scrubber dryer will efficiently and effectively deep clean your floors.

Excellent customer service

The team at Concept Flooring Technology will do all they can to ensure your machine hire goes smoothly and the job is completed to a high standard. They can provide over the phone advice and on-site set-up and demonstrations to ensure you can competently use the machine. What’s more,  general wear and tear maintenance and PAT Testing is included in the service to ensure you only get the best products and value for money.

To find out more information, visit our website or call 01494 485952 to see how we can help you.