Concrete Processing: The Difference Between Concrete Grinders and Polishers

Although the terms ‘concrete grinder’ and ‘concrete polisher’ are used almost interchangeably, these machines actually perform different jobs for different effects. It’s important that you understand the differences between the two in case you end up buying the wrong machine for your requirements.

This guide breaks down the differences between the two machines by looking at how they’re used in the workplace to achieve their desired effects.

What is Concrete Processing?

But first, you may be asking what is ‘concrete processing’? Both concrete grinding and concrete polishing are parts of this umbrella process. Essentially, concrete processing is returning a surface as close to its original state as possible by removing defects and resealing it. This process has a lot of steps and each must be meticulously followed in the right order to get the best results.

Concrete Grinding

A concrete polisher is the machine that’s used to wear and grind down the surface of concrete to expose its aggregate. This is done via a series of blades on the bottom of the concrete grinder which have different pads attached to them. These pads have varying abrasion levels and the grinding is done by starting with a coarser pad and gradually moving to one with a finer texture. This removes less and less of the top layer of the concrete each time to gradually achieve a smoother-looking finish.

Concrete grinding machines are particularly good at removing glues and coatings, smoothing out any irregularities in the surface, and preparing concrete slabs for new coverings and paints.

Concrete Polishing

A concrete polisher can be thought of as a finer version of the concrete grinder. This is because it follows the same steps as concrete grinding, only that it does this to achieve a smoother finish. The pads attached to the blades have tiny bits of diamond in them that rotate in a regular pattern to achieve a finish with the desired level of ‘shine.’

It’s after the application of the sealant, glue, or other top layer substance when the ‘shine’ will show after having polished to a fine degree. This is because less light is trapped by the aggregate and more is allowed to escape by bouncing from the smooth surface and reflecting back to you, appearing more shiny.

Although they both involve similar procedures, it’s important to recognise that concrete grinders and concrete polishers are different machines that have different effects. Where grinders focus on reducing the level of a surface in an efficient manner, polishers are more focused on achieving a uniform finish for a shinier look.

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