Choosing the Right Stripping Machine for Soft Floor Removal

Whether you’re renovating, altering the flooring within an office, or simply opting for a design overhaul on company premises, stripping machines are a convenient way to remove soft flooring. Previously installed flooring may even encounter problems so, whether you’re dealing with soft strip demolition or an adhesive sub layer failure, you will want to come up with a practical compromise, factoring in the unique nature of your situation.

With a selection of diamond floor grinders, floor levellers, polishing machines, and stripping appliances for seamless soft floor removal, Concept Flooring Technology are the specialists to trust. With years of industry experience and a friendly customer service team, we are well-equipped to guide you through the process of choosing the right stripping machine for your requirements.

What Does Soft Floor Removal Involve?

Soft floor removal will first involve removing the initial layer which is immediately visible to you, be that carpet, vinyl, rubber, LVT, wood or ceramic tiles. The most appropriate stripping machine for the task will depend on an array of factors, which may include the size of the area, the ventilation available, as well as the material(s) concerned.

Our tailored advice will likely come in useful when assessing which machine is right for the sublayers of your flooring, as we are experts in this area. The stripping machine we recommend will be determined by a number of factors, including:

  • Whether the material you’re trying to remove is laid on concrete or screed.
  • The thickness of applied adhesive.
  • Whether you want either a smooth or textured finish.

Floor Stripping Machines for Vinyl, Rubber, and More

We understand that each job is likely to come with different challenges, which is why we offer a number of hireable floor stripping machines for various contexts. Although we aim to give a detailed breakdown of the situations in which to use each appliance, don’t hesitate to give us a call for additional help.

Wolff Turbo Stripper

For smaller areas in locations as wide-ranging as schools, retail units and offices, the Wolff Turbo Stripper is a sensible selection. At 110v 32amp it can be plugged conveniently into a mains power socket with a 5KVA Transformer. This self-propelled walk-behind machine even has removable weights for ease-of-use.

Blastrac BMS220 Stripping Machine

A Blastrac product suitable for larger areas with restricted ventilation, the BMS220 stripping machine is a reliable choice. Also 110v, this model can be plugged conveniently into two mains power sockets with corresponding 5KVA Transformers. As a ride-on machine, it provides quick and easy removal for materials on a large scale.

Innovatech Terminator T2200 Stripping Machine

The Innovatech Terminator T2200 stripping machine is best utilised in larger areas with good ventilation, and can be used for more stubborn flooring materials. Running on a 18kg FLT gas bottle, this particular model is available with a multitude of attachments depending on the project requirements, making it adaptable to your needs.

Hire A Machine Today

At Concept Flooring Technology, we’re proud to stock a versatile range of flooring machinery, which can be easily acquired at your convenience. Whether you’re in need of floor stripping machines for lino or a large grinder for preparing your concrete floor, we can provide you with not only the machinery but also on-site set-up and demonstrations where required.

Efficiently maintain your industrial, commercial, or residential flooring today with our equipment hire, available nationwide. If you are still unsure of what machinery you require, feel free to contact us with any related queries.