Dust, it’s something plenty of us are familiar with when it comes to having a good clean but perhaps not something you’d expect to be detrimental in the workplace. In bulk material handling, dust particles are often created in a wide range of sizes but smaller dust particles settle in the air or on surfaces indefinitely.

With this in mind, in this blog, we outline the importance of dust control management and using dust control machines effectively.

The risks involved with ineffective dust removal

Due to its size, dust as a substance is classified as either respirable or inhalable. Bigger particles in the inhalable dust classification are susceptible to getting trapped in the nose, throat or upper respiratory tract. This can be seriously detrimental to your health and potentially cause serious long term health issues down the line such as silicosis.

This is caused when dust particles attach themselves deep into the lungs where oxygen is extracted from the air. There is no effective treatment for silicosis so the severity of this illness is substantial. After all, it is the dust you cannot see which is most dangerous and this is why using the correct dust control machinery and PPE is essential.

How to Minimize Risks and Control Dust Onsite

There are countless jobs that produce hazardous levels of dust. As an employer, you have a legal obligation to assess and minimize these risks and protect your employees. Using the correct dust control equipment ensures that your employees are working safely, effectively and efficiently.

Here are a few go-to options that Concept Flooring Technology provide for dust extraction:

Numatic WDV 900 Wet Vac

This machine is easy to use and comes with a hose and floor tool and we’d recommend this model for small to medium-sized jobs. The cleaner also has an intake port that sucks up all the dirt that will move along a tube with the other wastes that have been consumed.

Nilfisk CFM S3B Dust Extractor

We recommend this model for medium-sized jobs and especially if you are seeking a dust extractor for general purpose to fit with all 110v 32amp machines, this model is certainly suitable. These dust extractors are also fitted with a manual shaker in order to help clean the main filter on site.

Hilti VC 40-UM Dust Extractor

If you are seeking a compact and manoeuvrable dust extractor, these units are ideal. They are 110v 16amp so are highly versatile and suited for all construction sites for additional convenience!

Professionalism is all about taking pride in a clean and safe work environment and improving productivity for all. This is why Concept Flooring Technology provides high quality industrial vacuums. To find out more, contact us today.