From floor strippers to scabblers, there is a whole host of commercial flooring equipment available for hire that will make your project easy to manage. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t take on the work yourself when the tools are readily available so if you’re ready to get your hands dirty, why not prepare and maintain your flooring yourself?

Here are three top reasons why you should do your own flooring work using hire

With the right tools you can achieve great results

Whether you’re a DIY pro or you have limited experience, with the right equipment you can get your floors to the required condition you need. Instead of hiring a tradesperson, hire a leveller or floor stripper to begin preparing your flooring yourself and you’ll be surprised just how much you can do yourself.

You can save time

By hiring machinery and completing flooring projects yourself, you can save time you’d otherwise spend looking for experienced tradespeople and getting quotes. At Concept Flooring Technology, we offer everything you need under one roof including expert knowledge and a range of machines that are ready and waiting for you to use. Doing flooring work yourself is a great way of keeping your project on track so you aren’t waiting around for anybody else.

It’s an opportunity to improve your DIY skills

If you’re starting a new project such as renovating a commercial site including the flooring, you have the perfect opportunity to grow your skills. For example, completing the floor preparation yourself could be much easier than you anticipated and with this experience under your belt you can grow your skillset and take on similar work in the future. Improving your DIY experience is great if you run a business as you’ll be able to get on with upgrades and maintenance without the added hassle of organising third party contractors.

At Concept Flooring Technology, we offer a range of high-quality flooring equipment available for hire. As experts in commercial flooring, we stock floor preparation machines as well as polishers and diamond grinders that are easy to use. For delivery across the UK, get in touch with our friendly team and choose the right machine for your desired results.