Four Reasons to Hire a Scrubber Dryer

A scrubber dryer is one of the many flooring machines you can hire to keep your floor looking clean and shiny. They work by rotating brushes on the floor’s surface in a scrubbing motion to remove dirt and residue from the floor, which is then collected by a vacuum to leave the floor clean and dry. Rather than buying a scrubber dryer which can be a pricey investment, some companies will be able to rent them out for a cheaper price.

But why might you need to hire a scrubber dryer? Here are a few reasons it would be beneficial for your business to rent a scrubber dryer.

Rental company handles repairs

Choosing to rent a scrubber dryer means you don’t have to worry if something goes wrong with the machine as the rental company will take care of repairs. They’ll collect the scrubber dryer and give you another one to help you get the job done, meaning you aren’t left with costly repairs or prolonged interruptions to your work. As well as this, the rental company will have plenty of expertise to impart so they can teach you how to use the machine and set it up for you.

Saves you money

By renting a scrubber dryer you’ll save money, not only on costly repairs but also on the overall price, as scrubber dryers are a big investment. Rather than dishing out a large sum of money, you can rent a machine as and when you need it which is much more cost-effective. You’ll also be able to get your hands on a much better model for a lower price and only pay for the times it’s being used, rather than it sitting in a cupboard depreciating over time.

More time efficient

Instead of cleaning large areas with a mop and bucket, a scrubber dryer is much faster and easier to use so saves you time. It’s much safer than standard cleaning practices because it leaves the floor dry, rather than wet and slippery, which can lead to accidents. You’ll also be left with a much cleaner floor than a mop and bucket because it cleans deeper and doesn’t spread germs around like a bucket of dirty water does. 

Highly effective

Traditional cleaning methods can’t compete with a scrubber dryer, they are able to clean surfaces better than mops, cloths and standard vacuums. You’ll be able to achieve a much higher standard of cleanliness, particularly ideal for premises such as food factories. A scrubber dryer will sweep, scrub and dry all in a single operation, saving you time while getting a more powerful clean. There are great scrubber dryers available for rent so you can get a higher quality machine for less money. 

Concept Flooring Technology offers scrubber dryer rental to help maintain your floors available in walk-behind & ride-on, ideal for keeping your floors clean and adding the finishing touches to any commercial or domestic space. Get in touch with our team to find out more.