What Are the Benefits of Concrete Grinder Hire?

Concrete flooring is one of the most common types of flooring used in both residential and commercial buildings. It’s non-absorbent nature, durability and aesthetic appearance make it a popular choice for use in warehouses, schools, industrial buildings, commercial properties and more. 

Concrete is very hard wearing and relatively easy to maintain but it does require some upkeep to ensure it looks its best. You might need to level the flooring, repair some cracks or damage, or prepare the floor for a new coating. It’s likely that you’ll require a concrete grinder in any of these circumstances and this piece of equipment has many useful applications. Hiring (instead of purchasing) the machine brings even more benefits, so if you’re looking for ‘concrete grinder hire near me’, see below to find out more about the benefits and uses of this machinery. 

What is a concrete grinder? 

As you might expect, a concrete grinder is a machine that’s used to grind concrete! This equipment is available in a range of sizes and models, including handheld concrete grinders and walk-behind concrete grinders for larger areas. Grinders can be electric or petrol-powered and there are many different options to suit your requirements. 

Concrete grinders use an abrasive material to grind the flooring down to the desired finish. Common abrasives include diamond-coated pads and diamond blades, which are available in a range of grits from coarse to fine. Many machines are compatible with a variety of different pads or blades, so you can choose the right ones depending on the material you’re grinding and how abrasive it is. 

There are two common options when choosing a concrete grinder; preparation grinders or polishing finishing grinders. Preparation grinders are used to level and prepare a concrete floor for polishing or the application of new paint or coatings. Polishing finishing grinders are used once the concrete has been prepared and they give a final glossy sheen to the flooring. 

What can a concrete grinder be used for?

Concrete grinders are highly versatile and they can do a lot more than simply ‘grinding down’ the floor. If you think you might need concrete grinder hire, see below to find out more about floor grinding and their other applications. 

Floor grinding and levelling

Concrete flooring must be properly prepared before it can be polished or painted. A preparation grinder can be used to grind and level the concrete if it’s cracked, damaged or uneven. Rapidly rotating diamond discs are used to smooth and level out the surface of the concrete. You may need a range of different diamond discs or blades, depending on the size of the area and the level of abrasiveness required. 

Polishing concrete

Once the concrete has been prepped, you can use a polishing finishing machine to buff the flooring to a high shine. This will involve using a finer grain diamond disc to achieve the desired sheen. In most cases, the process will start using a coarser disc, with a move towards finer abrasives as each level is ground down. 

Bitumen removal

Bitumen is an adhesive material that’s commonly used in paving and roof applications. It was also widely used in the flooring process up until the 1980s but some of this bitumen contained asbestos. Asbestos poses a serious health risk so any remaining bitumen must be removed from old flooring. 

Concrete floor grinders are highly effective at removing bitumen quickly and effectively. It’s recommended that an asbestos survey is performed on the property first to ensure safety and full compliance with any legislation. 

Paint, latex or adhesive removal 

Most concrete floors have a thin layer of paint, latex or adhesive on their surface. Any old coatings must be thoroughly removed before the floor is polished, or a new coating is added. This can be done using chemicals or power washing tools, but concrete grinding is often the most effective method. 

Concrete grinding offers a chemical free solution and it’s less labour intensive than scrubbing the floor with chemicals. Grinding also removes any old coating and prepares the flooring for a new coating at the same time. 

The benefits of hiring a concrete grinder

There are many benefits to be gained from hiring, instead of purchasing, a concrete grinder. If you require a concrete grinder for your next job, read on for some of the benefits of hiring this equipment. 


As you might expect, hiring the equipment is much more affordable compared to buying a brand new model. You might need the grinder for a one-off job, or you’ll only need to use it every few years, so it makes sense to hire the equipment as and when you need. 

Concrete grinding and polishing can also give the concrete a finish that mimics far more expensive materials, like marble. This is another great cost-effective benefit and you can enjoy the look of a shiny, polished surface without the price tag. 

A range of models to choose from

A professional hire company will have a range of high quality makes and models to choose from. This will include handheld grinders, preparation grinders and polishing finishing grinders for hire. You may also require more than one grinder depending on the job (e.g a preparation grinder and a handheld grinder for the floor edges). Concrete grinder hire ensures that you can access all the equipment you need quickly and easily. 

Professional help and advice

Floor grinding can be tricky if you don’t have much experience. It’s vital to select the right machine for your requirements, as well as diamonds with the right level of abrasiveness. Staff at a grinder hire company will be experts in their field and they’ll be able to offer you professional help and advice. If you’re not sure which machine would be most suitable or need advice about diamonds, don’t leave things to chance, use a hire company to get the expert advice you need. 

Quality and efficiency

Hire machines may not be brand new but you can be confident that the equipment will be maintained to a high standard. Hire services are also very efficient and many companies offer next day delivery where possible.  

Aesthetic appeal 

If you want to increase the aesthetic appeal of your concrete floors, concrete grinder hire is the way to go. Concrete grinding and polishing machines can be used to give an even finish and fantastic shine. As mentioned above, this polished finish can mimic the look of materials like marble for increased aesthetic appeal. 

Reliable, high quality floor grinder rental from Concept Flooring Technology 

If you’re in need of high quality concrete grinder hire for your next project, get in touch with the experts at Concept Flooring Technology. We’re proud to offer a range of machinery, including handheld grinders, preparation grinders and polishing and finishing grinders for hire. Our machines are suitable for a wide range of applications, including adhesive removal, coarse grinding and preparation, finishing edges and concrete polishing. 

Unsure about which machine is right for you? Don’t hesitate to get in touch to speak to our experts. We’re on hand to offer professional help and advice so you can select the right concrete grinder for your requirements. Whether you need a heavy duty grinder or a buffer machine, we can help, so give us a call today or contact us online.