How To Operate A Commercial Floor Polisher

How To Operate A Commercial Floor Polisher

When it comes to your business, appearances really do matter. A well-kept commercial property conveys care, attention, pride and professionalism; every aspect, from the front door to the lighting plays a part in your reputation. Among the most important of these elements is the flooring.

Commercial flooring must be properly maintained to keep it looking its best. This is especially true of concrete flooring, which has experienced a surge in popularity of late. In order to properly polish concrete flooring, a high-quality commercial floor polisher is essential. If you’re looking to hire one of these machines, but would like a little insight as to its correct operation, read on.


Firstly, it is important to prepare the area you wish to polish. This includes clearing away any debris, dirt or dust. It is worth noting that failing to properly prepare an area for polishing can seriously impact the end result. For example, debris such as bolts can damage the grinder heads and create holes in the dust extractor hoses and filters, which will undoubtedly affect the efficacy of the machine.

Dust Extraction

In addition to the grinder polisher itself, it is important to use an effective dust extraction method. Machines such as the HTC DURATIQ RX8 Grinder Polisher are designed to be connected to a purpose-built dust extraction machine such as the HTC 80D (also known as the Husqvarna 80iD). All of the machines available to hire from us here at Concept Flooring Technology are set up to be used dry, as this eliminates the possibility of creating a slurry when grinding.

Speed Settings

Next, you’ll need to consider the speed at which you wish to polish. When choosing a commercial floor polishers, you will need to ensure that the machine boasts variable speed settings in order to achieve the desired finish. Single speed machines are only suitable for preparation grinds, so it’s important to avoid these for polishing applications.

In terms of setting the appropriate speed, a lower speed may be needed for removing heavy scuffs, while a higher one may be needed for final polishing. Make sure to adjust the speed according to the nature of the task and the condition of the floor.

Polishing Technique

Once you’ve chosen a suitable floor polishing machine and set the appropriate speed, you can begin polishing the floor. Begin by working in small sections, moving the polisher slowly and evenly across the surface. Be sure to keep the machine moving, as staying in one spot for too long can cause an uneven finish on your concrete flooring.

Consult The Operating Manual

It goes without saying that the use of large cleaning machinery requires focus and proper preparation. To familiarise yourself with any piece of equipment, it is highly recommended that individuals examine the relevant operating manual before attempting use.

Commercial Polisher Rental From Concept Flooring Technology

The correct and effective operation of a commercial floor polisher requires preparation and focus. When used properly, these machines yield incredible results and can transform a space. To ensure your floors are always looking their best, be sure to hire your equipment from Concept Flooring Technology.

We’re proud to supply a wide range of clients with top-tier grinder polishers, dust extraction machines and floor cleaning machines. What’s more, our specialist team are always here to help you to select the most appropriate machine for the task at hand, just ask.

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