Is The Innovatech Terminator Infinity Floor Stripper For Me?

When it comes to stripping floors, this can be a laborious task if you don’t have the right machinery, especially when needing to cover large areas. Thankfully, ride-on floor stripping machines are on hand to efficiently and quickly remove many types of flooring.

One such machine is the Innovatech Terminator Infinity Stripping Machine. Read on below as we tell you all about what it can do and how it can benefit your floor stripping needs, along with the flexible hire options we offer here at Concept Flooring Technology.

Floor Stripper Machine Rental: The Innovatech Terminator Infinity

If you’re looking for a floor stripper that can cover large areas, then the Innovatech Terminator Infinity is ideal; being a ride-on machine, it allows you to quickly strip large areas of flooring without a fuss. On top of that, it’s also capable of fitting through standard doorways with ease, meaning you can use it from room to room when completing a large floor stripping job.

Operating on battery power, a full charge of this machine will last you eight hours, allowing plenty of time to cover a large area and deal with tough materials.

Why the Innovatech Terminator Infinity Stripping Machine?

You may be wondering, why should you choose the Innovatech Terminator Infinity over other floor-stripping machines? Well, being a ride-on stripping machine, it’s not only able to more easily remove larger areas of flooring where a hand-held stripping machine would perhaps struggle or take much longer, but it’s also capable of removing a variety of flooring materials.

For example, it can remove surfaces such as carpet and rubber. The Terminator Infinity Stripping Machine can also be fitted with a variety of blade lengths depending on the floor material you’re working with, including self-dicing blades, which are ideal when stripping sheet vinyl.

From the Innovatech Stripper to the Metabo Grinder: Flooring Machinery for Hire

If the Innovatech Terminator Infinity Stripping Machine sounds ideal for your needs, then contact us here at Concept Flooring Technology. We offer floor machinery for hire from reliable brands only, choosing the machinery we believe to be the best on the market and making it available to you on personalised terms and at a realistic, affordable price.

As well as floor strippers, we have a range of other machinery, including cleaning machines, scabblers and floor grinders for hire. For example, if you’re looking to get your hands on the Metabo 110v Grinder, we’re the company to come to. Specialising in floor machinery rental for trade customers, you can trust our expertise when it comes to hiring the machinery you need.

For more information on the Innovatech Infinity Stripping Machine, or for advice on which piece of machinery may benefit you most, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and our friendly team will be happy to help.