What Is A Concrete Diamond Grinder? The Husqvarna T5 Explored

In the world of flooring machinery, there are different types of machinery that you will need for different jobs. Scabblers, planers and grinders are all vital pieces of machinery that will get the job done efficiently, as long as you use the right one. Along with this, you will probably need a suitable dust extraction machine to remain safe while working.

Grinders are a vital piece of flooring machinery and can be used for preparation and polishing. Read on to find out more about concrete grinders, and what applications they are best suited for.

Concrete Grinders & Polishers Explained

Many people are confused about the difference between a concrete grinder and a concrete polisher. A concrete grinder is used to grind down the surface of the concrete to expose its aggregate, while a polisher is used to produce this smooth finish. While similar, they are completely different pieces of machinery that perform different functions.

Polishing and finishing grinders use industrial diamonds to produce a highly polished finish for a surface. When fitted with metal and resin bond tooling, they can be used to add a final sheen to a concrete surface. Alternatively, if you’re hoping to repaint or refinish your concrete surface after grinding, you would need to use metal bond tooling to leave the floor with a mechanical key. This ensures that the paint or other finishing material is able to bond properly with the flooring beneath it.

The Husqvarna T5 Grinder/Polisher can be used for both of these applications, but you’ll need to ensure that the machine is fitted with the correct tooling for the job at hand.

The Husqvarna T5 Grinder Polisher In A Nutshell

The Husqvarna T5 Grinder/Polisher is a concrete diamond polishing machine that is perfect if you’re working in small to medium-sized areas. It is a lightweight device, capable of moving with precision and efficiency in spaces, ideal if the area you’re working in is an odd shape that larger, heavier machines might not be able to manoeuvre well in.

It takes a variety of metal and resin bond diamond tooling, and additional weight can be added for varied pressure. It is not a preparation grinder, so be sure to use a suitable piece of machinery beforehand to ensure the task goes well.

If you’re using this machine, you need to make sure you use suitable dust extraction to ensure safety while working. For this piece of machinery, we recommend the Ermator T4000. This dust extractor is easy to manoeuvre as it is on wheels, and comes with a hose as standard, with other wands and floor heads available to hire as separate items.

Quality Industrial Concrete Floor Grinders for Hire

Here at Concept Flooring Technology, we have a range of commercial flooring equipment to hire, including grinders, planers, scabblers and dust control machines. We are experts in the industry, so can help you choose the right machinery for your task and even show you how to use the machines once delivered to ensure your job is completed efficiently.

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