Polished concrete is one of the most popular flooring styles for commercial properties. Reflective, hygienic and cost-effective, concrete flooring is used by businesses operating in retail, manufacturing and everything in between. Here, we take a look at the reasons why concrete flooring is so consistently and ubiquitously popular.

Concrete Flooring Is Cost-Effective

Polished concrete flooring is one of the most cost-effective flooring options for businesses with large commercial properties. Once installed, concrete flooring requires little maintenance to remain hygienic and functional.

When your flooring eventually requires polishing or repair work, we have you covered. With flooring machinery hire from Concept Flooring Technology, you can keep the sheen of your polished concrete consistent. You can also remove any adhesive materials with one of our preparation grinders.

Concrete Flooring Has a Long Lifespan

Much of the cost-effectivity of polished concrete comes from its long lifespan. Concrete flooring is resistant to staining, chipping and discolouration and you shouldn’t see any damage to the floor for many years; even in the highest traffic areas of a commercial property.

Once every few years, you may need to re-polish the concrete using floor machinery hire from the team at Concept Flooring Technology. Aside from this minimal maintenance work, concrete will remain robust and practical for many decades to come.

Concrete Flooring Offers Environmental Benefits

As well as being cost-effective and long-lasting, concrete flooring also offers environmental benefits. The fact that concrete is long-lasting reduces its overall carbon footprint, but what’s more, concrete flooring can regulate temperatures in a room, hold onto solar-obtained heat and can be made from sustainable materials for eco-minded business owners.

Polished Concrete Is Reflective

Polished concrete is highly reflective, which increases the spread of light in an entire room or building. With a grinder polisher for hire from Concept Flooring Technology, you can maintain a sheen on your concrete floor which will reduce the number of overhead lights you need and, therefore, reduce your electricity bill.

Keep Your Polished Concrete Floor Shining With a Concrete Floor Polisher From Concept Flooring Technology

Concept Flooring Technology are the experts when it comes to flooring machinery hire. Our fleet of flooring machines can be used to level a floor, remove adhesives and polish concrete to the desired sheen. Choose from a range of grinders, polishers, planers and scabblers or stripping machines.

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