What Machines Are Best For Screed Removal?

Screed is a thin material that is placed on top of a concrete subfloor. It typically consists of cement and sharp sand, but coarser aggregates may be added to create a thicker layer. Screed is usually covered with a more decorative finish, but in some environments is left bare.

Whether you’re looking to get rid of and replace a worn screed layer or lay a new floor in its entirety, you need reliable machinery that will remove the screed with ease. Concept Flooring Technology stocks a selection of floor grinders and scabblers for the task.

RT200 Scabbler

A scabbler is a piece of machinery used for reducing stone or concrete to prepare a surface or provide a decorative texture to concrete. The Airtec RT2000 Scabbler is used for removing coatings, rubber and adhesive in small areas. It is a lightweight, general-purpose floor scabbler that is best suited for small jobs where only basic surface preparation and removal of screed are required.

RT250 Scabbler

If you have a medium-sized area that you need screed removed from, you may prefer the Airtec RT250 Scabbler. It is an aggressive machine well-suited for larger areas. The tungsten tip flail drum can be built differently if you require the machine for particular jobs.

BGS250 Grinder

Preparation grinders are used to prepare a surface, typically for refurbishment and repair. If you need horizontal surface preparation for small to medium areas, the Blastrac BGS250 Grinder is a good option. It is a lightweight, easy-to-use device that will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

DFG250 Grinder

For medium-large areas with aggressive, rapid screed removal, choose the SPE DFG250 Grinder. This grinder has rear wheels mounted on a pivoting axle, allowing it to be used with ease as the weight and balance can be altered. Each of our grinders takes a variety of different diamond grinding blades depending on the surface you need grinding.

Screed Removal Machines

When removing screed, it is recommended you use professional machinery to get the finish you desire. Concept Flooring Technology stocks a great selection of screed removal machines, perfect for whatever your requirements. All our scabblers are provided with a tungsten-tipped flail drum as standard, able to remove screed quickly.

We know that every job is different, so our staff are standing by to discuss your job with you and recommend a machine best suited for you. We’ll then deliver your machine, helping to set it up and give you on-site guidance when required.

To talk through your requirements with the Concept Flooring Technology team, call now on 01494 485952.