What Machine Is Best For Bitumen Removal?

Bitumen is a highly viscous liquid found in natural deposits or refined from petroleum. Bitumen is a highly popular material, used in the majority of road construction to act as a glue to bind aggregate particles together. It was also popularly used in commercial and domestic flooring until the 1980s when it was mixed with asbestos.

This was done because it was inexpensive, water resistant and fireproof. But with modern-day research, we now know how dangerous asbestos is to our health. Coupled with the fact that laying a new floor on top of old bitumen can cause a negative reaction to the new material, it is best to remove bitumen floors before looking to lay a new one.

Concept Flooring Technology has a range of machines available to hire ideal for bitumen removal. Read on for an overview of the flooring machines we offer for the task.

BGS250 Grinder

The Blastrac BGS250 Grinder is a lightweight (70kg), easy-to-use option that is best suited for small to medium surface preparation tasks. It takes a wide range of diamond grinding blades to allow you to use it for a wide range of flooring applications.

DFG250 Grinder

For rapid removal from an aggressive diamond grinder, the SPE DFG250 Grinder is an ideal choice. While weighing between 122kg and 160kg, it has rear wheels on a pivoting axle that allows the weight and balance to be altered with ease. The SPE DFG250 is a single head 250mm grinder that can take a variety of different diamond grinding blades.

RT2000 Scabbler

To remove coatings, rubber and adhesive, you will need a scabbler for the task. The Airtec RT2000 scabbler is a general-purpose, lightweight floor machine, fitted with a tungsten tip flail drum. This drum set-up width can be altered if you require the machine for certain jobs, so make sure to ask.

RT250 Scabbler

For medium-sized areas, the Airtec RT250 Scabbler is an aggressive machine well suited for roughening surfaces, removing coatings and preparing surfaces. The tungsten tip flail drum can be built differently depending on the job.

Bitumen Removal Machines For Hire

If you have floors with asbestos or bitumen in, it is vital they are removed using specialist equipment to make sure all traces of hazardous material are removed, and ready for the new floor to be put down.

We pride ourselves on providing only the best machines to customers, using our 20 years of experience in the industry to recommend the ideal products for you. We’ll deliver your machine and even offer professional on-site guidance and consultations, ensuring you use the apparatus properly to get the job done effectively.

Call today on 01494 485952 to discuss your requirements with one of our team and receive expert advice on which machine is best for you.