Why is Dust Extraction Important?

Whether you’re grinding or stripping your flooring, maintaining a safe environment is essential. However, one area that is often overlooked is dust extraction. Removing dust and debris is important in the floor preparation process, not only for your health but in creating an efficient work site.

Here’s why dust extraction is important.

Reduces health-related risks

Perhaps the most important reason for hiring dust extraction equipment is your improved health and safety. Dust may seem harmless, but even a small amount can cause respiratory issues if you don’t have the right precautions in place. Extraction equipment will reduce the amount of dust in the air and therefore, the amount you breathe in including harmful particles that are released from particular materials.

Better working conditions

Using any type of equipment requires a steady hand and concentration. If your workspace is filled with dust, this can affect your productivity and the quality of your work. Alternatively, dust extractors operate alongside your equipment so dust is extracted while you work. 

Keep your machinery operating efficiently

Keeping dust at bay is beneficial for your health as well as staying productive. Leaving dust and debris to buildup is a surefire way of clogging up your machinery and over time this will affect its performance. Using a dust extractor is a simple yet effective way of overcoming this problem so you can spend more time getting on with your project and less time avoiding repairs.

Meeting safety guidelines

If you’re hiring flooring equipment for your team then it’s your responsibility to ensure that your setup is safe. Dust will lower the air quality so it needs to be managed effectively, plus nobody wants to work in an unbearable environment. Hiring dust extraction equipment alongside your flooring machines will minimise high-risk materials such as asbestos and lead causing problems and ensure that you’re in line with safety guidelines.

At Concept Flooring Technology, we have a wide range of flooring machinery available for hire as well as suitable dust extractors. Safety should always be a top priority while operating our machinery, which is why our knowledgeable team will help you find the right equipment for the job. Get in touch with us today for more information.