When hiring flooring machinery it’s important to consider the safety aspect of your project. Do you have an appropriate PPE? A risk assessment should be done beforehand to determine which PPE is required or get expert advice from our team who will guide you through the necessary safety steps and precautions.

In this blog, we explain some of the most essential PPE that you may need. 

Ear protection

Using flooring machines can be a noisy job. To keep your ears protected, ear defenders, ear muffs or ear buds will cut down the pressure on your eardrum and muffle the sound. If you’re using machinery all day without protection, this can result in problems such as tinnitus or infections.

Safety footwear

When using walk-behind machines you must wear the right kind of footwear. Open toe shoes put your feet at risk of injury whereas safety footwear, such as boots, will shield your toes. If you accidentally catch your foot while operating or drop a handheld machine, your feet will be better protected.

Protective clothing

There are many ways of keeping your skin injury-free while using flooring machinery, especially handheld machines. Firstly, full-length trousers will cover your legs or overalls will shield your entire body from debris and machine parts – you should also avoid hoodie cords that can get easily caught. 


Similarly to covering your feet, your hands also require protection. Invest in a pair of gloves to shield your fingers and forearms from hazards as well as prevent blisters.

Face mask

Respiratory PPE helps to protect the entire internal respiratory system and stops anything from entering the mouth. By filtering out dust and debris, you will avoid breathing in harmful particles so you’ll remain safe while operating your machinery. Plus, the mask protects the outside of the mouth and face.


If your visibility is impaired, this can affect your handling and therefore cause accidents on site. Always keep your eyes protected by wearing goggles, face shields or visors. Your eyes are very delicate and even the smallest fleck of dust can cause irritation so don’t be tempted to go without eye protection.

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