Renovating your commercial premises is a great way of breathing new life into the space including upgrading your flooring. Soft floor removal, for flooring such as carpet, vinyl and rubber, will make the removal easy so you’ll have your new floor covering installed in no time!

Here’s all you need to know about soft floor removal.

What kind of flooring requires soft floor removal?

Soft flooring includes several different types of floor coverings that are usually manufactured as a roll or as flexible tiles, such as:

  • Carpet
  • LVT
  • Vinyl
  • Rubber
  • Cork

In most cases, soft flooring can be removed in a few simple steps with help from a commercial floor stripping machine. 

Is soft flooring easy to remove?

How quickly your soft flooring can be removed will depend on the materials. For example, rubber flooring that has been glued down can be difficult to lift and thicker flooring may take a little more time to remove. However, by hiring the right equipment you’ll be in the best position to start your soft flooring removal and achieve the results you’re looking for. Generally speaking, soft flooring is easier to remove than concrete and other similar materials.

Why should you hire a floor stripper machine?

As the name suggests, floor strippers are designed to strip flooring so you have a clear surface to lay a new floor covering. There are different models to choose from depending on the size of the area such as walk-behind strippers for small spaces and ride-on strippers for large rooms. 

Each stripper has a sharp vibrating blade, which can be adjusted to suit different flooring types, that cuts through and lifts the soft flooring. 

Do you need a reliable floor stripping machine? At Concept Flooring Technology, we offer walk-behind and ride-on floor stripping machines available for hire. All models are powerful and provide rapid removal, whilst all are compact and able to fit through a standard doorway. We can offer advice on all machines to hire, as well as which consumables will be best to achieve your required finish. – find out more today.