What Grinder Should You Use For Paint Removal?

Removing paint from a surface can be a difficult task, as the paint will set hard onto a surface. This means it can be tough to remove without using specialist equipment. Luckily, we have various options here at Concept Flooring Technology that are suitable for paint removal.

Concrete Grinders

One of the best ways to remove paint is using a high-quality surface preparation floor grinder. But not every job is the same, so you want to ensure you’re using a piece of machinery that works well for the task at hand. Here are two of Concept Flooring Technology’s floor grinders available for hire that will be great for paint removal.

Blastrac BGS250 Grinder

If you’re cleaning paint off of a small or medium area, the Blastrac BGS-250 is an ideal choice. It is a single disc concrete grinder for horizontal surface preparation applications. It is lightweight and simple to use, allowing you to easily perform floor preparation.

The machine is electric powered (110v 32amp) and takes a wide range of diamond grinding blades. This allows it to have a wide range of flooring applications, including paint removal. Ensure you have suitable dust extraction when using the product.

SPE DFG250 Grinder

For larger jobs, an SPE DFG250 grinder may be the choice for you. It is an aggressive diamond removal that is great for rapid removal in medium and large areas. It uses a single head 250mm diameter grinder that can be changed depending on the material you are grinding and how abrasive it is, such as paint.

The grinder has rear wheels mounted on a pivoting axle that allows the weight and balance to be altered, allowing it to be easily manoeuvrable despite its heavier weight. As always ensure you have adequate dust extraction in place when using the grinder. This machine can be electric (415v 32amp) or petrol powered.

Concrete Grinders For Hire

If you’re in the market to hire floor grinders that will help you with pain removal, get in touch with Concept Flooring Technology today. We offer a varied selection of grinders, planers, scabblers and more. Our range of machinery is perfect for jobs of all sizes, so you can find a grinder to suit your needs.

Call now on 01494485952 to talk through your requirements with one of our experienced staff. They can offer advice on all the machines we have to hire, recommending what will be best for your exact needs. We offer delivery nationwide and will also collect the machinery afterwards. If you are unsure or want to make the most of your grinder, we can assist with setting it up and even offer a demonstration.