Diamond grinding is probably unfamiliar for those who don’t work in the flooring or construction industry and it’s nothing to do with jewellery either! Diamond grinding is a highly efficient process that’s used on concrete flooring or pavements. Many commercial buildings and public areas feature concrete floors and it’s important that these areas are well […]

Maintenance is vital for any commercial building; it helps save money in the long run, prevents damage and ensures you give a good impression to visitors. Regular cleaning and minor repairs are part of most commercial building’s maintenance packages, but have you factored in floor maintenance? Commercial flooring goes through a lot, from general foot […]

Concrete flooring in commercial and industrial buildings often sees a lot of heavy traffic, so what can be done to protect the surface? Adding a floor coating to concrete floors helps to protect the surface, increases the floor durability and gives your concrete floors an attractive finish. Coatings are a highly efficient way to protect […]

Concrete flooring is ubiquitous when it comes to commercial, industrial and public-sector properties. As a reflective, hygienic and durable material, polished concrete is the perfect choice for manufacturing plants, warehouses, schools and other commercial properties. It can help save money on electricity by reflecting light and lasts for decades. However, although concrete is a popular […]

Just like operating any type of high-powered machine, it’s essential to keep health and safety in mind when operating a floor grinding machine. Both handheld and walk-behind concrete grinders are powerful pieces of kit and should be treated as such, whoever is using them. It’s essential to ensure that you are taking all of the […]